Unscrambling security for connected technology

Vulnerability Scanner
Automates detection and identification of device model and maker based on a new algorithm. Powered by our R&D lab, it targets weak configurations, hidden back doors and other exploits.
20/20 visibility of network connections
Shifts control from vendor back to operator;
Night vision ability
Hunts down hidden weaknesses such as back doors and hidden exploits;
Monitoring 24/7
Prioritises asset availability;
Firmware analyzer
Allows manufacturers and vendors of networked software and sensors to detect hardcoded passwords and keys, back doors and hidden services and interfaces in device firmware BEFORE putting products on the shopfloor, thus safeguarding customer security and assuring own compliance and service integrity.
Compliance with increasingly comprehensive legal requirements to ensure user and customer security service providers will need to take ownership of security for customers
Real-time detection and patching mechanism automated and scalable firmware bug fixing as a QA/AC measure
Transparent cataloging of resources visibility of connected inventory
Comprehensive information security audit, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing allow clients surgical precision approach to address individual issues.
Availability and integrity assurance
Alignment with customer priorities
Deploy industry standards and best practices
For example, OWASP using state of the art commercial, open source & proprietary tools
Fit-for-purpose scope and creative approach
No scope too small or too large

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