Dahua backdoor check
IOTSploit shares details of malicious remote hacks into Dahua video cameras

On 7 March 2017 an anonymous researcher Bashis published on seclists.org an account of security vulnerabilities discovered in some video cameras (and similar CCTV equipment) manufactured by Dahua.

According to Shodan, an IOT search engine, there is an estimated 400,000 IP addresses that currently use Dahua equipment worldwide.

The discovered vulnerability allows an outside user to remotely hack into Dahua kit and gain control of admin privileges

IOTsploit’s mission is to enable enterprises discover and eliminate vulnerabilities in their IOT devices such as connected cameras and to equip them with effective tools and methods to secure their software, sensors and networks.
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Dahua DVR RPC Vulnerability
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Daily log of Dahua devices affected by the discovered vulnerability: